You Wanted it, You Asked for it,

You Begged for it!

Now the South Pacific's most exciting post production facility has joined the 21st Century.

Bora Bora Video is now

 Forget dark stuffy rooms and brutal traffic.
Bring your project to the setting of your dreams! 
Worried about deadlines? We guarantee to finish just before your money runs out.

earthCheck out our facility

Forget those high priced L.A. houses. We can beat any deal thanks to our low overhead. Our happy staff is paid in coconuts and tropical drinks!

For more information just put a note in a bottle addressed to BORA BORA VIDEO and throw it in your nearest ocean or river.

OPENING SOON - Our Bikini Atoll dubbing facility. The only dubs that glow in the dark!

Designed and created by Jim E. James